Total Ankle System

The Infinity® Total Ankle System consists of a titanium alloy tibial tray, cobalt chromium talar dome, and a polyethylene insert. Approaching 10 years of international clinical use, Infinity has become one of the most widely used1 low-profile prosthesis solutions for surgeons treating End Stage Ankle Arthritis (ESAA).

Key Benefits

  • Low-profile tibial implant design

  • Adaptis 3D printed total ankle implantsfeature porous metal components designed to act as a scaffold that facilitates bone ingrowthand increased initial implant stability through greater friction at the bone to implant interface4

  • Everlast highly cross-linked polyethylene inserts shown to improve wear resistance5

  • Optimized for the efficiancy and accuracyProphecy

  • Talar component interchangeability

  • Resurfacing talar component designed for full fluoroscopic visualization

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