Tendon fixation device system

The Citrelock tendon fixation device system is a controlled, resorbable biotenodesis screw used for tendon fixation in foot and ankle procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Made of Citregen whose main component is the citrate molecule, a natural metabolite.

  • Designed to protect and preserve the tendon.

  • Provides a controlled and homogeneous resorption which prevents bulk degradation and chronic inflammation.1

  • Provides strong pull-out strength in comparison to thermoplastic polymers or composites.2

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When tendon integrity matters.
Day 1

Citrate, calcium, and phosphate are released to the surrounding tissue.


Polymer resorption continues as the bioceramic becomes metabolized.


The biomimetic implant is replaced by the normal tissue anatomy.

  • Citregen contains citrate, calcium, and phosphate molecules inherent to the bone anatomy.1
  • The material polymer structure mimics the extracellular matrix protein network.1
  • Citregen contains 60 wt. -% hydroxyapatite matching the native bone mineral content.1
  • Citregen releases citrate, calcium, and phosphate to the local anatomy.1
  • The remaining bioceramic construct is metabolized over time.1
  • A controlled and homogeneous resoprtion process prevents bulk degradation and chronic inflammation.1
  • The compressive strength is comparable to cortical bone with a modulus comparable to cancellous bone.1,2
  • Citregen maintains structual integrity during the healing phase, over time the implant is replaced by host tissue.1
  • Citrelock is designed to avoid tendon lacerations.2