AxSOS 3® Titanium

Locking Plate System

Fit. Flexbility. Function.

Our AxSOS 3 Periarticular Locking Plate System was designed to provide surgeons and patients with a well-fitting implant, especially important in distal tibia fractures where there may be little soft tissue coverage. An implant that fits may help cut down on OR-time by reducing the need to bend the plate, and may help reduce fracture malalignment and soft tissue prominence.

  • Streamlined instrumentation, such as one screwdriver for all screws and modular sets, is intended to allow the surgeon to do more, faster, potentially saving time and inventory space

  • Our universal hole design allows for an individualized fixation approach

  • Designed to ease extraction, our innovative locking screw head design allows for safe screw insertion, consistent locking, and screw removal


Ankle procedures

Ankle Fracture