The XprESS ENT dilation system delivers a unique combination of control and versatility for balloon dilation. Its familiar seeker-based design and tip malleability provide the tactile feel you are accustomed to and the flexibility you need to address both chronic rhinosinusitis or Eustachian tube dysfunction patients.1-2

XprESS ENT dilation system

Features and benefits

Designed based on the tools you know and use1-2

Traditional ENT instruments: Olive tip probe, Frontal sinus seekers, Frontal curette, Double ball probe vs. XprESS ENT dilation device: Rounded ball tip delivers tactile fell

The XprESS instrument technology is designed for both office and OR procedures. XprESS takes inspiration from traditional ENT tools such as the frontal seeker, frontal curette, olive tip probe and double ball probe. The slim profile of the XprESS device is designed to enable easy endoscopic visualization and placement of the device.

The XprESS ENT dilation system offers surgeons a unique set of features and benefits. These features include:

  • A slim profile that enables easy visualization, access and navigation of narrow anatomy1
  • The integrated Path Assist LED light fiber delivers light confirmation through trans-illumination and excursion, eliminating the need for an extra light source and cables1
  • Malleable tip that allows for customization based on patient anatomy to treat the frontal, maxillary, sphenoid sinuses and the eustachian tube1
  • Compatible with the Stryker ENT navigation system, allowing for navigated confirmation1*
  • Compact balloon sizes for use on pediatrics1

*Trackable with the Stryker ENT navigation system when used with a TGS guidewire1 and with the XprESS LoProfile dilation system only3


XprESS confirmation techniques

distal markers

Distal markers
1 and 2 cm reference markings provide visual cue on placement position.

tactile feel

Tactile feel
Provides healthcare provider confidence and control to access the sinus.1

LoPro_clock 120-tile

Light illumination
Leverage light confirmation* to confirm access.1

*Using the PathAssist LED light fiber packaged with the XprESS ENT dilation system

Light and excursion

Light and Excursion
For frontal and maxillary dilations, leverage medial to lateral excursion.1

dependable tracking

Dependable tracking*
Trackable with the Stryker ENT navigation system when used with a TGS guidewire and the XprESS LoPro Balloon Dilation System1,3


The sleek profile design allows for endoscopic visualization of treatment areas

XprESS in use

Product specifications

Product Ordering no. Description
XprESS LoProfile system LPLF-106 6 x 20 mm, 1 system
XprESS LoProfile system LPLF-107 7 x 20 mm, 1 system
XprESS LoProfile system LPLF-205 5 x 8 mm, 1 system
XprESS LoProfile system LPLF-206 6 x 8 mm, 1 system
XprESS Ultra system ULF-106 6 x 20 mm, 1 system
XprESS Ultra system ULF-206 6 x 8 mm, 1 system

One system includes: 1 balloon dilation device, 1 inflation syringe, 1 extension line, 1 bending tool, 1 PathAssist LED light fiber

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The Audion ET dilation system is a balloon dilation device specifically designed for the Eustachian tube to treat adults (18+) with eustachian tube dysfunction. It features an atraumatic tip with an enhanced flexible design, 45 degree angle, and 20mm leg length designed to avoid critical anatomy.4,8-9


Stryker ENT navigation system

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