Stryker ENT navigation system

The Stryker ENT navigation system powered by Scopis software is a next-generation solution. Designed to enhance precision*, the system can make a big impact by adapting to a variety of preferences and tools while harnessing the power of planning and augmented reality leading to enhanced visibility for enhanced surgical experiences. During surgery, the unique Scopis augmented reality technology overlays planned pathways onto the endoscope image in real-time, providing you with the guidance that can help you perform a minimally invasive, accurate, and selective surgery.

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Stryker ENT Navigation System

Made for you to make it yours

The Stryker ENT navigation system combines groundbreaking Scopis augmented reality technology with innovative targeted-guided surgery (TGS) navigation. We’re bringing the next generation of customization capabilities to the OR. Our system is designed to adapt to your preferences, tools and workflows.


Features and benefits

Intentionally designed

  • Integrated display featuring endoscopic and tri-planer CT views 
  • Optional full tower and display monitor
  • Patient and universal tracker
  • Clamps
  • Pointers
  • Suction
  • XprESS dilation system and TGS guidewire**
  • Small footprint for easy integration



The Stryker ENT navigation system adapts to your preferences, tools, and workflows for a more seamless surgical experience. The system can track nearly any rigid instrument to navigate with confidence and a variety of malleable instruments3 with built-in tracking technology. 



The Stryker ENT navigation system is designed to enhance precision.1 Powered by Scopis software, the system offers standard-of-care electromagnetic (EM) technology combined with groundbreaking target-guided surgery and augmented reality (AR). This serves to improve visualization of critical anatomy and tissue while merging planning to enhance visual information during surgery.2

This allows you to do the following:

  • Analyze 3D anatomy
  • Plan sinus drainage pathways and target anatomy
  • View surgical plans overlaid into the endoscopic image with AR 

ENT navigation system’s malleable instrumentation also allows for consistent precision while tracking from the tip of your pre-calibrated instrument.*  



The intuitive user interface is designed to provide a simple, streamlined setup workflow that is easy to navigate, featuring: 

  • Automatic importing and orientation of CT and MRI
  • Improved registration efficiency(less than 120 seconds)
  • Improved real-time user feedback (compared to 3.4X software)


Image of Scopis

Available products

TGS guidewire and XprESS ENT dilation system

XprESS LoProfile ENT dilation system delivers a unique combination of control and versatility. The addition of the TGS guidewire enables navigation during balloon sinus dilation procedures when using the XprESS LoProfile device.

This powerful combination is designed for precision and confidence during navigation-assisted cases.*

Features and benefits

  • Designed with greater control and precision in-mind during navigation-assisted procedures


Image of TGS and XprESS


These reusable (up to 10 times) and malleable instruments facilitate access to and precise navigation around complex anatomy.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for easy access and precision during procedures
  • Built-in tracking capability
ENTnav_Product 2

Universal instrument clamp and sphere

These instruments bring customization to new heights by adapting to your tools and workflows for a more seamless surgical experience.

Features and benefits

  • Tracks nearly any rigid instrument in a matter of seconds
  • Adds a low profile option for comfortability and precise navigation
ENTnav_Product 4

Product specifications

Product Ordering no. Description
Scopis ENT software 8000-021-001 Basic software for navigation in ENT applications
Scopis ENT software with TGS (Target Guided Surgery) technology 8000-021-002 Premium software for planning and navigation in ENT applications with advanced planning features, virtual endoscopy and augmented reality technology
Electromagnetic navigation unit 8000-010-003 High-performance navigation PC with electromagnetic measuring technology
Field generator 8000-010-004 Accessory used for the electromagnetic position measurement of patient trackers and navigated instruments
Field generator mounting arm 8000-010-005 Flexible mounting arm to position the field generator
Equipment cart pro 8000-030-002 Includes four shelves and a storage drawer
Medical keyboard 8000-030-010 U.S./international keyboard, wired, number pad, USB
Mouse, wired 8000-030-020 Wired, USB, three buttons, scroll function
Patient tracker tabs 8000-100-001 Adhesive pads for fixation of patient trackers electromagnetic, 100 per unit
Patient tracker electromagnetic mini disinfectable red hub 8000-040-001 Disinfectable, used to locate the patient within the EM field
Registration pointer electromagnetic 8000-050-003 Disinfectable, used for surface registration
Navigation tool extension cable 8000-050-011 Extension cable for navigation tools
Instrument clamp, forceps 8000-060-010 For attaching the universal tracker to rigid conventional surgical instruments
Instrument clamp, 2-6 mm 8000-060-011 For attaching the universal tracker to rigid conventional surgical instruments between 2-6 mm
Instrument clamp, 6-10 mm 8000-060-012 For attaching the universal tracker to rigid conventional surgical instruments between 6-10 mm
Instrument clamp, 10-16 mm 8000-060-013 For attaching the universal tracker to rigid conventional surgical instruments between 10-16 mm
TGS guidewire (single use) 8000-060-009 Allows navigation of XprESS LoProfile system
Patient tracker electromagnetic (maximum 10 uses) 8000-040-002 Used to locate the patient within the EM field
Precision pointer electromagnetic (maximum 10 uses) 8000-050-001 1.5 mm, malleable
Suction tube, Frazier electromagnetic (maximum 10 uses) 8000-050-005 3 mm, malleable, straight suction
Suction tube, Eicken electromagnetic (maximum 10 uses) 8000-050-006 3 mm, malleable, curved suction
Endoscope tracker electromagnetic (maximum 10 uses) 8000-060-001 Navigation suitable for 0°, 30° and 45° endoscopes with 4 mm diameter and 180 mm length
Calibration body electromagnetic (maximum 10 uses) 8000-060-002 Calibration of suitable conventional surgical instruments
Universal tracker electromagnetic  (maximum 10 uses) 8000-060-006 Allows navigation of rigid conventional surgical instruments in combination with an instrument clamp
Instrument clamp sphere  (maximum 10 uses) 8000-060-020 Adapter to track rigid conventional surgical instruments between 2-4.6 mm
Instrument clamp universal (maximum 10 uses) 8000-060-021 3-6 mm, universal tracker

Risks and safety information

Important risk and safety information

To safely use our ENT navigation system, review the Indications for Use.

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