Pello™ microdebrider

Meet Pello — Stryker’s innovative ENT microdebrider with proprietary anti-clogging blades, designed for reliability and efficient cutting in ENT procedures.

Pello microdebrider

Meet Pello

Introducing Pello — an ENT microdebrider with proprietary anti-clogging blades,1 set to transform your ENT surgical experience. With its balanced ergonomic design4 and the power and quality of Stryker, Pello offers reliability2 and efficient cutting3 in ENT procedures. Powered by Stryker's CORE 2 console,5 Pello is an everyday tool with innovative features.

Surgeon using Pello

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Features and benefits

An everyday tool with one-of-a-kind blades

Pello’s proprietary blade technology and internal shelf reduce clogging1 for an improved surgical experience. However, the proprietary blade and shelf aren’t the only innovative features Pello has to offer.

Pello blade cutaway


The lightweight ergonomic design4 and comfortable pencil grip allow for precise positioning.6

ENT holding Pello

Designed with ENTs in mind

With a one-of-a-kind blade1, Pello is designed for efficient cutting3 and one-click blade insertion.7

Surgeon using Pello

Plays well with others

Powered by CORE 2 console5, Pello is compatible with a variety of blades and burs, giving you the ability to customize to your workflow. 

Family of Pello attachments

Blades and Burs

Straight shavers
1 Pello 2.5mm straight shaver blade 
2 Pello 3mm straight shaver blade 
3 Pello 4mm straight shaver blade 

Angled shavers
4 Pello 4mm angled 12 degree shaver blade 
5 Pello 4mm angled 40 degree shaver blade 
6 Pello 4mm angled 60 degree shaver blade 

7 Pello 4mm angled 70 degree diamond bur* 
8 Pello 4mm angled 15 degree diamond bur* 

*Product coming 2024.

Numbered Pello attachments
CORE 2 console

Powered by CORE 2 console5
CORE stands for consolidated operating room equipment. With CORE 2, you can power multiple devices across multiple specialties and recall customized settings.8

Product specifications

Product Ordering no.  
Pello microdebrider handpiece 6290-100-000  
Pello 4mm straight shaver blade 6290-112-040  
Pello 3mm straight shaver blade 6290-112-033  
Pello 2.5mm straight shaver blade 6290-208-025  
Pello 4mm angled 12-degree shaver blade 6290-112-040-12  
Pello 4mm angled 40-degree shaver blade 6290-112-040-40  
Pello 4mm angled 60-degree shaver blade 6290-112-040-60  
Pello 4mm angled 15-degree diamond bur 6290-512-040-15  
Pello 4mm angled 70-degree diamond bur 6290-512-040-70  
CORE 2 console 5400-052-000US  
CORE footswitch 5402-007-000  
CORE Hummer irrigation cassette 5290-075-000  

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Surgeon using Pello

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