Cyclone® sinonasal suction and irrigation system

The dual-action performance of the Cyclone system is designed to deliver precise saline irrigation while suctioning fluids to minimize pooling and drainage. Its unique single-handed design includes a re-shapeable distal hypotube that can be modified to suction and irrigate multiple sinus passages in the same patient.1

Features and benefits

The Cyclone system provides simultaneous suction and saline irrigation in one single-handed instrument.1 Its unique dual-action system is designed to suction more than it irrigates, minimizing pooling and drainage of effluent in an effort to make the procedure more comfortable for patients.

  • Designed with a malleable, atraumatic tip with a six-port irrigation spray head that allows modification for use in all sinuses, as appropriate, and delivers a thorough rinse in all directions3
  • Features an adjustable suction tube that allows for variable positioning to optimize capture of fluid drainage regardless of anatomy3
  • Includes peelable extension tubes that can be customized during setup


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Cyclone® sinonasal suction and irrigation system | Stryker

Product Ordering no. Description
Cyclone system CC-100 Includes: 1 Cyclone device, 1 syringe, 1 bending tool

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