Universal Orthognathic

1.7/2.0/2.3 mm rigid internal fixation system

Comprehensive fixation for orthognathic procedures.

Simplicity and versatility

Drawing on the Leibinger expertise in manufacturing high-quality surgical instruments and plating systems, the Universal Orthognathic module incorporates enhanced technologies to create a comprehensive system. This system accommodates a wide range of surgical techniques used for the management of dentofacial (jaw) deformities with a combination of 1.7 and 2.0/2.3 fixation options in one full size module.

  • 1.7mm section features four “L” plate designs (standard, malleable, graduated stability and locking), pre-bent advancement plates and a selection of locking plates to accommodate all 1.7mm screws including our SMARTLock locking screw.

  • 2.0/2.3mm provides a variety of mandible osteotomy plates and incorporates SMARTLock locking screws.

  • Universal Trocar System for transbuccal and intraoral plate and screw application features four cannula options, centric, eccentric and MP drill guides, a variable cheek retractor with light source option, cheek retractor forcep and plate holding forceps designed for simplicity and versatility.