DuraMatrix portfolio

Collagen dura membrane

To ensure safety and quality, products are comprised of Type I collagen and intact dermis tissue derived from a safe, reliable bovine source.

Restore with confidence.

Since 2006, we have partnered with Collagen Matrix, Inc. to provide our customers with quality products that are safe and effective in the restoration of the dura mater. Our DuraMatrix portfolio offers a solution for your dura substitute needs for the repair of dura mater.

  • DuraMatrix-Onlay PLUS features a thick, spongy texture with a non-porous, collagen layer that provides durability and additional protection against CSF leaks. In addition, it offers a balanced resorption profile that occurs over approximately 8 weeks.1,2,3

  • You can firmly anchor DuraMatrix Suturable to surrounding tissue with minimal risk of membrane tear or detachment due to the natural crosslinks inherent in the native bovine collagen and further biochemically reinforced through a proprietary crosslinking process. This results in a resorption time of 38-40 weeks, based on the results of a rabbit duraplasty model, while new dura mater is regenerated to replace the membrance.1,2,3

  • DuraMatrix-Onlay offers balanced resorption that occurs over 6-9 months and serves as a thinner onlay (about 0.6mm) option than DuraMatrix-Onlay PLUS and you can apply it with minimal tension sutures if desired. 

  • The unique conformability properties of the membrane combined with its mechanical strength allows you to apply the original DuraMatrix as either an onlay membrane or sutured in place. DuraMatrix offers a balanced resorption that occurs over 6-9 months.1,2,3