Allograft Bio Implants

Allografts for craniomaxillofacial procedures

A variety of tissue grafts for craniomaxillofacial applications.

Your complete bone grafting solution.

Our bio-allograft implants are manufactured by LifeNet Health, a leader in regenerative medicine that excels in safety, quality, innovation and service. These allografts are treated with Allowash XG, a technology that provides a sterility level of 1x10-6, equating to a potential infection rate of just one in one million. Since 1995, over five million bio-implants processed with the Allowash technology were distributed by LifeNet Health with no disease transmission. This statistic demonstrates the unparalleled safety rate of our bio-implants.

  • SAL of 10^-6, resulting in a potential infection rate of 1 in 1,000,000.

  • Proprietary process allows for optimal residual calcium levels of 1-4%.

  • You can store implants at room temperature, unfrozen, and ready when the surgeon needs it.

  • Variety of grafts and sizes to choose from to fit your craniomaxillofacial needs including demineralized and mineralized options in sponge, particulate and structural forms.