We help our customers rebuild lives.

Our vision

Offering customers innovative products and services in order to create the best outcome for the patient. We take it upon ourselves to anticipate needs ahead of time, in order to allow patients to regain normalcy and get back to doing what they love. Our vision is to help our customer rebuild lives.


Our people, products and services create more possibilities for our customers every day. 

Why we rebuild lives.


We are there for our customer to treat their patients at a very critical time of their life, and that is something we do not take for granted. We have the dedication and the technology necessary to give that patient the best chance possible to regain normalcy. We wake up each day relishing the opportunity to play a part in rebuilding a life.

A Hurricane Harvey
orthopaedic success story

With the water coming in so fast, “I knew my only option was, I kick out this window or I die,” Taylor says. “That’s when everything goes blank.” He’s still not sure how he got out of the Jeep.

TEACH - Training and education
Trauma & Extremities Academic Courses for Healthcare. The educational experience that matters.

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