System administration for voice

In this two-day course, students receive a comprehensive overview of the Vocera Communications System, including the system architecture and its key features, with details on how to administer, maintain, and optimize the Vocera System for maximum results.

This course is designed to provide students with the tools and confidence to ensure successful maintenance of the Vocera Communications System. Using a case study, students will apply what they learn to design and configure a complete Vocera deployment.

  • Maximize the capability of the Vocera Administration console with defaults and preferences.
  • Create user profiles, groups, departments, and address book entries.
  • Configure Active Directory integration.
  • Define and build groups, call flows, and permissions.
  • Unleash the power of the Vocera Report Server software
  • Overview of Vocera Staff Assignment, which is used to assign staff members to healthcare units or role-based groups
  • Create scheduled reports to run automatically at any time and at any interval, with options to email reports to one or more individuals based on your criteria

*This course does not apply to Vocera Platform 6.

Audience: This course is designed for Vocera System Administrators and their Backup Administrators Course is designed to provide Administrators with the tools and confidence to ensure successful maintenance of the Vocera Communications System and elevate awareness of critical success factors.

Course Topics:

  • An overview of Vocera Telephony
  • Basic administration concepts
  • Best practices for creating and using sites
  • Call flow management
  • Create access point locations, configure mail server settings, and specify system defaults
  • Identify the Vocera badge, basic rules of badge use and common command
  • Import, exporting, modifying and deleting user data
  • Learn how to backup and restore data
  • Learn how to configure the Vocera system and set preferences
  • Learn how to implement badge profiles and perform badge configuration
  • Learn how to record and listen to utterances to troubleshoot speech recognition problems
  • Learn how to schedule Vocera Report Server system tasks
  • Learn how to use groups to manage permissions
  • Learn how to work with and manage groups
  • Overview of Vocera Staff Assignment
  • Perform a data check
  • Scheduling automatic backups and removing expired messages and temporary users
  • Troubleshoot using diagnostic reports and reading logs
  • View license information and Report Server registration
  • Vocera Report Server features and how to run reports

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