Smart devices deliver actionable insights

Stryker aims to improve healthcare with IoT solutions

“To be a good partner for our customers, we must continually evolve the ways in which we deliver value.” 

-  Matt Powell, Senior Director, Connected Care

Feedback is fundamental to our teams, and sometimes it comes from a surprising source: data collected from the medical device itself. When a device of any kind has a unique connection to the internet, it is referred to as IoT (Internet of Things). Using data from product lines in the field, our teams get insights on performance, design feature usage and service delivery needs. Teams across Stryker translate that data to improve what we deliver and how we deliver it to you. Now, we’re expanding our use of integrated Microsoft technologies and sharing metrics with you, starting with Smart Equipment Management (SEM).

Learn more about how data is driving actionable insights from leaders in the field of Connected Care in this video.