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Putting people first:
how Stryker supports worldwide disaster relief efforts

Whether it be a healthcare emergency, natural disaster or unforeseen event, Stryker is committed to supporting employees and communities whose health, safety or well-being is at risk.

With more than 43,000 employees working to deliver on our mission of making healthcare better, our employee base brings their diverse worldviews to help us develop healthcare solutions. They convey the same passion when it comes to supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide. Stryker’s position on disaster relief is rooted in the safety and well-being of our employees and communities. Here’s how we’re working to support our employees and communities during disasters and emergencies:

Partnering with the Red Cross to deliver disaster relief

Disasters and emergencies strike at will and partnering with the Red Cross before a disaster allows their team to assemble resources before they’re on the ground. Our annual donation contributes to a funding base that enables the Red Cross to respond immediately to the individuals and families affected by disasters in communities around the world.

The partnership also allows our employees to get involved in their communities through organized blood drives, emergency preparedness training and other community initiatives such as Sound the Alarm—which offers free installation of smoke detectors in under-resourced neighborhoods.

When appropriate, we activate fundraising from Stryker employees to the Red Cross through our giving and volunteerism platform, Impact. This allows employees to support specific relief efforts that mean the most to them or they can choose to support a disaster that has been identified as one where funds are needed most.


A symbol of neutrality and impartiality - the Red Cross emblem1

The red cross emblem is more than 150 old. Today the red cross, red crescent and red crystal are all symbols of the Red Cross worldwide.

The emblem signifies humanitarian services - their promise of voluntary, neutral and impartial assistance to all people in need, regardless of race, religion or citizenship status.


Supporting employees and families that have been impacted

To assist Stryker employees and families that have been impacted or are anticipating being impacted by a disaster, we offer resources and provide support to ensure their safety. We partner with LifeWorks, an employee assistance provider, that provides disaster and other support for employees and their families globally. LifeWorks provides resources and tools to help employees and their families stay safe and deal with feelings of worry and loss, identify local and national resources that can help them stabilize and provide expert resource to help employees handle legal, financial and insurance issues as a result of the disaster.

“Operating with integrity and putting our people first are two of our company values,” says Anita Mehta, director, social impact. “We’ve created a culture of caring that inspires our employees to support their colleagues and communities during a crisis. Stryker’s partnership with the Red Cross and Lifeworks instills pride in our mission and helps us continue to deliver solutions for the global healthcare community.”

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