'I can’t change my [breast cancer] diagnosis, but I can change what I do about it'

Breast cancer survivor, Pam Richey, recalls her journey through mastectomy and reconstruction

Breast cancer surgery and reconstruction

Pam Richey decided to take control of her journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, not all women know where to start regarding their treatment or surgical options. Breast Cancer Awareness month is an opportunity to educate about early diagnosis and treatments available to women and men suffering from this disease.

“Breast cancer has now overtaken lung cancer as the world’s most commonly diagnosed cancer,”1 according to the World Health Organization. While this underscores the urgency to advance research into prevention and further treatment options, early diagnosis and treatment can make breast cancer highly curable today.1

As surgeons and their teams develop personalized treatment plans for breast cancer patients, Stryker supports them with technologies engineered to enhance visualization for added precision and efficiency, designed to improve patients’ outcomes during breast surgery. These include illuminated instruments that enable oncoplastic techniques and SPY Fluorescence Imaging to provide real-time tissue perfusion during reconstruction.

Delivering technologies like these is part of our mission. We are working with our customers to make healthcare better so they can achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients. Patients like Pam, whose experience inspires, provides comfort and builds community among those whose lives have been impacted by this disease.

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