Knowing the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest helped saved his life
Derrick’s sudden cardiac arrest story

After going on a morning run, Derrick began to feel some chest discomfort. His wife, Melissa, a healthcare professional trained in resuscitation, quickly recognized the warning signs of a sudden cardiac arrest. Although he wasn’t having a heart attack, she knew there was no time to wait. On the way to the hospital, Derrick started turning red and became unresponsive. Melissa immediately pulled the car to the side of the road and began administering CPR. Luckily, an off-duty firefighter pulled over from traffic and began assisting. Soon EMS and Fire/Rescue units arrived to apply a LUCAS device. Watch this video to hear Derrick's story.

What I took away from this experience was that gratitude just says that it’s enough. You know. I’m enough. We’re enough. It’s enough that we get to live this life.” 


Sudden cardiac arrest survivor