Improving her happiness and confidence | Carolyn’s bunionectomy story

Improving her happiness and confidence
Carolyn's bunionectomy story

As high as 30% of women experience a painful bump on the outside of their big toe, known as a bunion.1 Due to their location, bunions can often reduce the flexibility of the toe and cause continuous pain. Watch Carolyn as she shares how PROstep provided her with less pain2, smaller scars2,3 and a quicker recovery3,4.

For years, I lived with bunions. The pain was one thing, but they were so unsightly that I was embarrassed to show my feet in public—I didn’t even have the confidence to walk into a shoe store! But now, thanks to PROstep MIS, there’s no more pain and whole lot more shoe shopping.


Carolyn D
PROstep bunionectomy patient


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