Celebrating Hispanic Heritage driving our mission forward

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated between September 15 and October 15, but all year round we celebrate the culture, history and contributions of the Hispanic/Latino community—including the individuals leaving their mark on healthcare and making it better.

At Stryker, we go above and beyond to create an equitable culture that removes barriers, engages all talent and inspires every employee to achieve their full potential. Joselyn Long, a Program Manager at Stryker, has seen both this commitment and impact in action. “There is a true intention of establishing diversity at Stryker,” said Joselyn, “and it makes sense, because it has been proven that more diverse teams deliver better and higher results.”

To help amplify these results, we support our nine employee resource groups, including SOMOS. SOMOS is comprised of employees whose mission is to promote cultural diversity, the professional development of members and an inclusive environment for all, while celebrating diversity and advocating for the Hispanic/Latino community. “Being able to connect with someone that shares your same heritage and traditions takes everything to another level,” says Joselyn, who serves as the event lead for SOMOS in Flower Mound, TX.

SOMOS has provided a forum for members of the Hispanic and Latino community to feel included and have a sense of community within the company,” adds Gian Alpuche, SOMOS member and Brand Manager at Stryker. “The feeling of belonging and representation can be powerful in members being more engaged and committed to their work and the organization.”

For Joselyn, Gian and many others, SOMOS isn’t just about finding a community. It’s about finding a voice that’s amplified far and wide. “SOMOS is a testament to a group of passionate people committed to making the Hispanic and Latino community heard. Its existence illustrates Stryker’s commitment to actually integrating DE&I into its business practices,” says Gian. “This is deeply personal to me,” he adds. “In my own time at Stryker I’ve struggled with feeling authentic. The emphasis on DE&I and my experience with SOMOS has helped me feel more comfortable in the workplace to be myself.”

We firmly believe that when Stryker employees feel comfortable and bring their full selves to work, they can achieve remarkable things, helping us deliver on our mission to make healthcare better—and Gian agrees. “An engaged Stryker employee is a force to be reckoned with,” he says.

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