Stryker Redefines Nailing with T2 Alpha and ADAPT for Gamma3


T2 Alpha nails and ADAPT software seamlessly aid surgeons as a complete nailing portfolio

Stryker's Trauma and Extremities Division announces the launches of T2 Alpha Nailing System and its ADAPT for Gamma3 software. With the addition of these separate products, Stryker delivers a complete nailing portfolio comprised of innovative hardware, advanced software and distal targeting devices designed for procedural consistency. Stryker will showcase these latest technologies at the 2019 Academy Meeting in Las Vegas, NV from March 12-16.

"Stryker is redefining nailing by developing innovative hardware and software that help surgeons perform procedures for each of their unique patients," said John Nasonte, Vice President & General Manager, Stryker Trauma. "We're proud to continue to lead the way in introducing new technology that changes approaches to surgical procedures."

T2 Alpha implants adapt to diverse intraoperative needs, addressing varying patient anatomy. New to T2 Alpha is the Advanced Locking Screw option, which provides added axial and angular stability.  It limits relative motion between the nail and screw, allowing surgeons to provide additional nail stability when needed1.

ADAPT for Gamma3 uses augmented reality to project 3D-based measurements on patient X-rays. ADAPT's software can eliminate the need for certain hardware instrumentation while enabling surgeons to guide implant alignment, lag screw length determination, lag screw positioning and distal targeting.

Stryker's Trauma and Extremities portfolio offers market-leading implants for the treatment of long and small bone fractures, as well as extremity joint replacements.

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1T2 Alpha Femur Antegrade GT/PF Nailing System Operative Technique, T2-ST-17_Rev-4, 09-2018

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