Stryker honored by Women’s Forum for work toward gender parity in the boardroom


Stryker will receive an award from the Women’s Forum of New York in recognition of gender parity in the boardroom at their biennial Breakfast of Corporate Champions this November. Chairman and CEO, Kevin Lobo, has doubled the number of women on Stryker’s board of directors from two to four during his tenure with the company, even increasing the number of positions from nine to ten when he found an ideal female board member. Mr. Lobo’s commitment to diversity stems from a background in different industries, countries and cultures which has instilled in him a deep understanding of the value diversity can bring to an organization.

A commitment to gender diversity at Stryker is echoed across the company. Following Mr. Lobo’s lead, both female and male executive leaders support the initiative by getting personally involved with employee resource groups like Stryker’s Women’s Network. They also set goals to advance diversity and inclusion with trackable outcomes. Goals are included in business reviews to build accountability and create visibility. Additionally, gender equality is considered in employee policies that enable flexibility for working parents. According to Mr. Lobo, “providing flexible work arrangements to employees is critically important, including different arrangements around remote work, and being open to part time. This is about advancing diversity as part of an overall cultural evolution that we’ve been going through.”

With leadership and employee resources aligned, Mr. Lobo believes Stryker is well positioned for continued progress toward gender parity. “I’m a great believer in the old expression: What gets measured, gets done. At Stryker, our metrics are showing that this focus at all levels is working. If you hire from the same area over and over, you are not getting the best talent. It’s really that simple to me.”