Ariba Functional Training

Ariba Navigation

1. Logging on to SAP Ariba Supplier Portal

Login at

2. Navigating Ariba Supplier Portal

Please review Video

3. Purchase Order Navigation in Ariba

Forecast Review/Commit

4. Review Forecast and Submit Forecast Commitment

Purchase Order Confirmation

5. Purchase Order Confirmation- Full

6. Purchase Order Confirmation- Partial

Advanced Ship Notice

7. Create Advanced Ship Notice (Batch Managed Materials/Split Batch)

  • Batch Limit - 10 characters
  • Serial Limit - 18 characters
  • Packing Slip ID (ASN#) must be different from POC Number

8. Create Advanced Ship Notice (Serialized Materials)

9. Cancel Advanced Ship Notice

10. Edit Advanced Ship Notice

Invoice / Credit Memo

11. Create Invoice

ASN must be submitted before invoicing

12. Create Credit Memo

13. View Goods Receipt