Diversity, equity and inclusion


We believe that we are stronger together by valuing our differences. Events in 2020 reinforced that we must accelerate our efforts with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Respect for individuals has always been a foundation of our culture. Building on this foundation, we continue to create an inclusive, engaging work environment and prioritize DE&I in keeping with our values of integrity — “We do what’s right” and people — “We grow talent.”

We continue to focus on our DE&I efforts and made significant strides in 2020, including refining our commitments.


Our DE&I commitments

Strengthen the diversity of our workforce


Attract, develop and advance talent that reflects the diversity of our customers, patients, communities and stakeholders

Advance a culture of inclusion, engagement and belonging


Create an equitable culture that removes barriers, engages all talent and inspires every employee to achieve their full potential

Maximize the power of inclusion to drive innovation and growth


Optimize the power of diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives to make healthcare better


We grow talent


To meet these commitments, we will continue to do the following:

  • Recruit and hire top talent from all backgrounds, provide targeted development for under-represented talent and further embed DE&I into our policies, processes and practices.
  • Advance our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the great work they are doing, educate our employees on DE&I and continue our work to build inclusive leadership capabilities.
  • Create diverse-by-design teams to solve complex problems and leverage diverse inputs to advance our mission of making healthcare better

These commitments will be made actionable in part through goals to:

Increase representation
of women and racial/ethnically diverse talent to reflect our markets. 

Double our investment 
in diversity recruitment over five years.


Increase jobs for Black Americans 
through active engagement as a founding member of the OneTen coalition.

Ensure 100 percent of people managers complete DE&I training 
within one year of hire or promotion to manager. 


Actively support ERGs
through increased funding and executive leadership sponsorship.

Measure employee sentiment 
on inclusion and belonging through regular engagement surveys and ensure parity across gender and racial/ethnic groups.



We will include progress against these goals in future reporting. To support these commitments, in 2020 we:

  • Continued efforts to embed diversity into our recruitment processes by launching a formal diversity recruiting strategy. 
  • Hired a senior director for DE&I in talent management and a director of diversity recruiting. 
  • Launched “Days of Understanding,” a global initiative designed to foster more in-depth conversations around the experiences and perspectives of our ERGs to understand the gaps and opportunities at Stryker. Fifteen dialogue sessions were held, hosted by the ERG presidents. The results were aggregated and shared with leadership teams and functional teams to review and discuss the actions we will take.
  • Continued our unconscious bias training. Our “Think Twice” course, a workshop that showcases what bias is, how and where it shows up, and what to do about it, is a proactive effort to increase awareness of unconscious bias and teach skills to address it. Since launch, more than 8,300 employees in nearly 40 countries have participated in the training, including our CEO and our entire senior leadership team. 
  • Expanded our ERGs to nine in total, adding Allies for All Abilities (focusing on disability inclusion) and ACE (Asian Community Empowerment). 
  • Replaced our annual engagement survey with two Pulse Surveys to understand better how employees felt about topics such as COVID-19, work flexibility and inclusion. In our spring pulse survey, employees shared feedback about the challenges COVID-19 presented and the strain many felt as they juggled professional and personal priorities. As a result, we implemented a number of solutions to support our employees during these unprecedented times, including expanding our employee assistance program, providing new well-being resources for employees and launching caregiver resources with companion training and supporting tools for managers and HR.

Our vice president, global human resources oversees our DE&I efforts. Our leadership teams regularly review our diversity metrics, including representation, slates, hires and succession plans, and initiate strategies and actions to support continued progress. And our goals link up to the CEO, who has a functional goal to improve the company’s DE&I, as noted in our 2020 Proxy statement. 103-2


In 2020, Stryker became a founding member of OneTen, a coalition of leading executives dedicated to upskill, hire and advance one million Black Americans over the next 10 years into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement. 

Representation data 102-8, 405-1 

Representation data 405-1 
U.S. only

*Includes American Indian, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, two or more races, and not disclosed. 
Note: Including Wright Medical. Does not include Puerto Rico. 
Diversity data for our Board of Directors can be found in our 2020 Proxy statement.