Vitoss BA2X

Bioactive Bone Graft Substitute

A synthetic bone graft that has increased levels of bioactive glass compared to Vitoss BA, and has a unique porosity, structure, and chemistry to help drive 3D regeneration of bone

Vitoss BA2X Bioactive Bone Graft Substitute

Vitoss BA2X contains increased levels of bioactive glass. In-vitro testing showed that it induced two times the deposition of calcium phosphate onto the surface of an implant while retaining the same handling properties.1

  • Highly porous calcium-phosphate (up to 90% porous)2 containing bioactive glass 

  • Stable at physiological pH3 and resorbs during the natural remodeling process of bone4

  • The addition of bioactive glass helps create a surface favorable for osteoblast attachment5-11

  • Vitoss BA2X Foam Pack is stable in a fluid environment, can soak and hold bone marrow, and is moldable

Note: In-vitro bioactivity testing has not been evaluated in human clinical trials.