Medical education

Training programs

Along with our commitment to deliver innovative and industry-leading technology, we provide extensive medical education and training offerings for healthcare professionals (HCPs) designed to help advance product and procedural knowledge and skills, improve customer competence and confidence and lead to better patient outcomes. Each year, Stryker educates thousands of HCPs worldwide through various programs. Examples of training and education include in-service, cadaver training courses, surgery observations, HCP-to-HCP training, proctoring and certification and product training courses. We conduct all training activities in strict accordance with our HCPi guidance, which covers considerations, principles and procedures for all interactions between Stryker employees and HCPs. SASB

One of our premier surgeon-to-surgeon programs allows attendees worldwide to view live surgery anywhere and ask questions during the procedure. Likewise, our programs stream virtual surgical demonstrations to hundreds of sites. Our experience with these kinds of training setups gave us the expertise and flexibility to offer virtual training programs despite the global pandemic. Across our businesses, in 2020, we trained more than 50,000 HCPs and conducted 925 virtual and 1,553 live courses.

Healthcare professionals can access our educational opportunities via online portals designed to meet our customers’ specialized needs. These channels offer virtual event calendars, interactive training, on-demand video libraries and learning series.

To grow our educational reach, we continue to open facilities to train our customers.

In October 2020, after evaluating the medical education space for improvement, Stryker established a Medical Education Council to develop a global team that drives medical education excellence across the company. The group leverages cross-divisional strengths while keeping individual business and customer needs in mind.


Grants and charitable donations

Stryker provides education, research, fellowship grants and charitable donations for appropriate scientific, educational or healthcare purposes. We do not offer grants or donations as unlawful inducement to purchase, lease or recommend the use of any Stryker product or service, as outlined in our HCPi guidance. We document all grant and charitable donation requests. The appropriate business or divisional unit must review and approve any proposal before the event’s date and follow applicable laws, regulations, corporate guidelines and divisional procedures. 103-2

One example is Stryker’s African Ancestry Network (SAAN), which partners with the J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society to offer medical education grants and scholarships to society members. The Gladden Society is the largest professional society of African American orthopaedic surgeons in the U.S., with more than 450 members.