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Product Safety
HC-MS-250a.1 Number of recalls issued, total units recalled   18
Ethical Marketing
HC-MS-270a.2 Description of code of ethics governing promotion of off-label use of products Business ethics and ethical marketing  
Product Design & Lifecycle
HC-MS-410a.1. Discussion of process to assess and manage environmental and human health considerations associated with chemicals in products, and meet demand for sustainable products Product design and lifecycle management  
HC-MS-410a.2. Total amount of products accepted for takeback and reused, recycled, or donated, broken down by: (1) devices and equipment and (2) supplies Product design and lifecycle management We report the number of medical devices collected for recycling through our Sustainable Solutions business.
Supply Chain Management
HC-MS-430a.1. Percentage of (1) entity's facilities and (2) Tier I suppliers' facilities participating in third-party audit programs for manufacturing and product quality Product design and lifecycle management For internal Stryker sites, all of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485 certified via third-party audit programs. Information on Tier I suppliers is not compiled at this time.
HC-MS-430a.3. Description of the management of risks associated with the use of critical materials Supply chain  management  
Business Ethics
HC-MS-510a.2 Description of code of ethics governing interactions with healthcare professionals Medical education