Employee training and development

Through our employees’ development, we invest in our people and in greater productivity, which delivers better outcomes, including growth, retention and engagement. At Stryker, employee development means encouraging employees to acquire new or advanced skills, knowledge and viewpoints by providing opportunities to learn and grow and avenues where employees can apply new ideas. 404-2

Our talent management framework links our mission to what we do, who we are, how we work and how we grow each day. It helps us define employee development needs, guides the design of learning opportunities and helps employees worldwide grow and be successful in their roles at Stryker.

Development at Stryker is extensive and exists at all levels of the organization, including companywide training on topics ranging from our code of conduct and job-related technical training to leadership development. Our talent management programs are designed around a 70/20/10 model of development, meaning 70 percent of development comes from on-the- job learning, 20 percent from learning through others and 10 percent from formal programs and content. Programs include management and leadership training, presentation skill development, team-building and collaboration training, coaching and mentoring and partnerships with outside experts on key topics.

Training is tracked at the local, business or global level, depending on the type. The Talent Management Center of Expertise tracks management and leadership development offerings, and in 2020, it included approximately 285 offerings to more than 15,000 participants.

All Stryker employees are assessed on their performance annually. We encourage employees to create individual development plans, in partnership with their manager, on an ongoing basis to help employees gain the needed development experience to grow their careers. 404-3 Our approach to performance management is based on frequent and continuous conversations, enabling a culture of coaching and engagement. Employee goals, comprised of performance goals and leadership expectations, drive focus and performance, and enable employees at every level to tie their work to our organizational strategy, as well as support their individual strengths, skills and ambitions.

Through our employees' development, we invest in our people

As employees transition from their role at Stryker, some may receive transition assistance to facilitate continued employability and the management of career endings. Transition assistance may include outplacement programs and can vary based on the circumstances. 404-2