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The Caring Greatly podcast is a destination where healthcare leaders and other listeners are inspired to grow, lead, innovate and drive industry transformation. This interview-style podcast creates space for people to share their perspective and connect to human-centered stories that reveal solutions, spark innovation and provide hope for a safer and brighter future of care.

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Nadia-Charguia, MD

How science and stories support wellbeing transformation – Nadia Charguia, MD

In this episode of Caring Greatly, Dr. Charguia shares how wellbeing efforts at UNC shifted from a focus on individual practices to support clinicians to a systems-based approach that works toward practice transformation. She explains how and why UNC Healthcare employs human-factors engineers to support science-based improvements in clinical workflows and resourcing. Dr. Charguia also describes how storytelling around wellbeing challenges can support the science of change.

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Jody Stern

Episode 82 – A neurosurgeon’s view of compassion in action – Jody Stern, MD

In this episode of Caring Greatly, Dr. Stern shares the story of how his personal losses have led him to a new view of medicine and how to create safe, supportive environments for clinicians and patients alike. He delves into his work to advance compassion in action at University of Michigan Medicine, which involves communication training for neurosurgery residents, integration of palliative care into neurosurgery practice, and surgical ergonomics for surgeon wellbeing. Dr. Stern believes that by improving practice environments, we can increase the longevity, wellbeing and joy in practice for all healthcare team members.

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John Howard, MD, and Stefanie Simmons, MD

The impact wellbeing™ guide – John Howard, MD, and Stefanie Simmons, MD

In this episode of Caring Greatly, Drs. Howard and Simmons share insights about the creation of the Impact Wellbeing Guide. The Guide, which is free, provides concrete, evidence-informed steps leaders can take to carry out the broader recommendations from the U.S. Surgeon General and National Academy of Medicine. They discuss insights from the process of creating and testing the Guide across multiple hospitals in the CommonSpirit Health System. And they offer guidance to leaders who are just getting started on their professional wellbeing journey.

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Jennifer Clark

The power of connected leadership – Jennifer Clark, MD

In this episode of Caring Greatly, Dr. Clark shares insights from research she recently published on leadership loneliness in partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Excellence. She delves into the ways that leader loneliness creates a self-reinforcing cycle in which isolation leads to self-devaluation, attempts to compensate through more work and less sleep, which then further compromises connection. As a result, says Dr. Clark, they become less effective and resilient as leaders, decreasing the efficacy of their teams and lowering organizational resilience. Like burnout in clinicians, leader loneliness results from structural elements that can be addressed through deliberate connection and positive organizational design.

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Robin Geiger

Supporting nurse wellbeing across the career continuum – Robin Geiger

In this episode of Caring Greatly, Dr. Geiger talks about the need to support nurses holistically through an approach that Ingenovis calls ACT, which stands for Advocacy, Career, and Tools. Based on interdisciplinary research, Dr. Geiger and her team built the approach as a means of combatting burnout and building resilience at both the structural and individual levels. By advocating for what nurses and other clinicians need at the policy level, supporting their career advancement, and providing tools and resources that teach individual wellbeing, Dr. Geiger hopes to bolster the nursing field and keep more nurses working in roles that offer professional fulfillment and personal wellbeing.

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Corey Feist

Eliminate intrusive questions in licensure and credentialing to reduce mental health stigma – Corey Feist

In this episode, Mr. Feist and I talk about the factors that led to Dr. Breen’s death by suicide in 2020. Chief among these was a fear of losing her medical license if it became known that she had needed mental health support. This legacy is what has led the Foundation to launch a campaign to eliminate intrusive mental health questions from healthcare professional licensure and credentialing processes, a change that will help reduce the stigma that currently exists in healthcare around seeking mental health support. This change is beginning to happen at healthcare institutions and in state licensing boards across the country and represents a simple yet meaningful change to creating safer healthcare workplaces for team members and patients alike.

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