Tapping into the wisdom and purpose of retired physicians – Mike Rizzo, MD


Episode 62 | Duration: 24:13

Mike Rizzo, MD, directs the Encore Physicians Program, which places retired physicians in community health centers where they use their decades of experience to treat patients and mentor younger clinicians caring for the underserved. The program in the San Francisco Bay Area has been supported to date by a grant from Northern California Kaiser Community Services. Before Encore, Dr. Rizzo worked as a radiologist at Alta Bates (Summit) Medical Center for 10 years before transitioning to Kaiser East Bay as radiologist and administrator for 17 years.

In this episode, Dr. Rizzo talks about the impetus behind creating the Encore Physicians Program, and the benefit it brings to retired physicians, community health centers, and the patients they serve. He looks at the synergy and learning opportunities provided by linking both primary care and specialty physicians to the patients who seek care at community health centers, as well as the role of an intermediary such as Encore Physicians in creating connections between clinics and retired physicians. Finally, Dr. Rizzo shares his perspective on things to consider for leaders looking to set up similar programs in other parts of the country.

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