The burden and joy of caregiving during the pandemic – Alex Drane


Episode 48 | Duration: 27:02

Alex Drane is co-founder and CEO of Archangels, a platform and movement designed to bring visibility and support to people who play the role of unpaid caregiver in the many forms that takes. Why is it called Archangels? Because many people in this role don’t view themselves as formal caregivers, even as they monitor older loved ones’ health status from afar or support loved ones near to or in their homes. Ms. Drane also co-founded Eliza, Engage with Grace, and serves as Wellness Expert for Prudential.

In this episode, Ms. Drane talks about the impact caregiving has on caregivers’ wellbeing. We look at the challenges and joys of caregiving and the kinds of support that is often available but unknown. We examine how COVID-19 has changed the role and visibility of caregiving, and we look ahead to future transformations that start with empathy.

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Alex Drane