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The Heart of Safety Coalition places team member safety and wellbeing at the heart of healthcare. Through various platforms and resources, we galvanize people and organizations to ensure voices are heard, connections are made and standards are raised to inspire systemic and individual change. Our collective insights and actions advance the Heart of Safety Declaration of Principles to help create environments where healthcare team members feel supported, protected and safe.

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Healthcare leaders, learners and advocates from across the country are joining the Heart of Safety Coalition to renew and expand the definition of safety for a better, safer and more inclusive future of caring. We need your voice, too.

What we're committed to:

Safeguard psychological and emotional safety

To safeguard the psychological and emotional wellbeing of our healthcare workforce, we must create cultures, processes and resources that explicitly support their psychological, emotional and cognitive capacities.


Promote health justice

Healthcare team members deserve to work in environments where they are free from bias and discrimination. Declare that equity and anti-racism are core components of wellbeing and help us expand the definition of safety.

Ensure physical safety

Healthcare team members must feel safe and be safe. They need to know they are protected from threats of workplace violence (whether physical or verbal), injury and pathogens so they can focus on helping patients heal.


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