Supporting nurse wellbeing across the career continuum – Robin Geiger


Episode 79 | Duration: 28:52

Robin Geiger, DNP, MSN, APRN, NP-C, FNP-BC, NEA-BC, is Senior Vice President of Clinician Advocacy at Ingenovis Health, a healthcare staffing organization, where she leads programing focused on clinician support and wellbeing. Dr. Geiger is a board-certified nurse executive with more than 20 years of clinical and leadership experience. Her professional focus is on health equity and clinician advocacy, aiming to increase resilience for healthcare professionals, improve quality care, and create solid support systems for all clinicians across Ingenovis Health. She previously served as associate dean of academic affairs for the National University School of Health Professions where she focused on strategic planning, clinical program development, and academic operations. Dr. Geiger is the Chair of the Chief Nurse Advisory Board for Ingenovis Health, a board member of the National Diversity Council, and is on the American College of Education Nurse Advisory board.

In this episode of Caring Greatly, Dr. Geiger talks about the need to support nurses holistically through an approach that Ingenovis calls ACT, which stands for Advocacy, Career, and Tools. Based on interdisciplinary research, Dr. Geiger and her team built the approach as a means of combatting burnout and building resilience at both the structural and individual levels. By advocating for what nurses and other clinicians need at the policy level, supporting their career advancement, and providing tools and resources that teach individual wellbeing, Dr. Geiger hopes to bolster the nursing field and keep more nurses working in roles that offer professional fulfillment and personal wellbeing.

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