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Forms of distribution of benefits
If your vested account balance (other than your rollover account) exceeds $5,000, you may elect whichever of the following forms of payment you prefer:
  • A lump sum payment. This payment will be made in cash, unless you elect to receive shares of stock for your vested 2% subaccount invested in the Stryker Stock Fund, provided that such vested portion is at least $1,000 in value (see "Election to receive distribution of Stryker stock" for details on this election).
  • Cash payments in roughly equal annual, quarterly, or monthly installments for a specific number of years. The specific number of years for which the payments will last cannot exceed either your life expectancy or the joint life expectancy of you and your beneficiary.
  • A combination of a single sum cash payment and cash payments in roughly equal annual, quarterly or monthly installments.
  • A partial distribution (of at least $500) from your vested account. (Limited to one per calendar quarter.)
If you elect installments, you may at any time elect to shorten the period over which the installments are being paid or receive a lump-sum distribution of your remaining balance.