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Contacting Vanguard

Plan records are administered by The Vanguard Group located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. You can access information about the Plan and your accounts (including information on your investment performance, account balance, loan information, current investment elections and your recent activity) by
  • Calling Vanguard's VOICE Network automated phone service (at 800 523 1188), which is available 24 hours a day,
  • Accessing your account through the Vanguard web site (, or
  • Speaking directly to a Participant Service Associate ("PSA") during business hours (at 800 523 1188).
You can also use any of these methods to make or cancel a pay deferral election or Roth pay deferral election, change your pay deferrals or Roth deferrals, change how your existing account balance is invested, change the investment mix of future contributions or your current account balance, and change your Personal Identification Number.