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You will become a participant in the Plan on the date you become an eligible employee of the Company (but not before your 18th birthday).
You are not eligible to participate in the Plan if:
  • You are a temporary employee (that is, you were hired for a position that is not permanent and is not expected to continue for more than one year), unless and until you complete 1,000 hours of service during the first 12 months of your employment or during any Plan Year thereafter;
  • You are a "leased" employee;
  • You are a union employee (unless your collective bargaining agreement provides for participation in the Plan);
  • You are employed by one of the Company's foreign branches;
  • You actively participate in another 401(k) or similar plan to which the Company or an affiliate of the Company contributes;
  • You are not on the Company's payroll, or you are classified as an independent contractor (even if an agency or court later determines that your relationship to the Company was that of a common law employee); or
  • You actively participate in a non-U.S. retirement plan or government retirement system to which the Company or an affiliate of the Company contributes.
If you terminate employment with the Company after you have become a participant, and you later become reemployed, you will resume participation in the Plan on your reemployment date.