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Other important information

Bundled payments
Certain network providers receive a bundled payment for a group of covered health services for a particular procedure or medical condition. Your copayment and/or coinsurance will be calculated based on the provider type that received the bundled payment. The network providers receive these bundled payments regardless of whether the cost of providing or arranging to provide the covered person's health care is less than or more than the payment. If you receive follow-up services related to a procedure where a bundled payment is made, an additional copayment and/or coinsurance may not be required if such follow-up services are included in the bundled payment. You may receive some covered health services that are not considered part of the inclusive bundled payment and those covered health services would be subject to the applicable copayment and/or coinsurance.
UnitedHealthcare uses various payment methods to pay specific network providers. From time to time, the payment method may change. If you have questions about whether your network provider's contract with UHC includes any financial incentives, UHC encourages you to discuss those questions with your provider. You may also call UnitedHealthcare at the telephone number on your ID card. UHC can advise whether your network provider is paid by any financial incentive.