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Dental benefits
Coordination of benefits (COB) is used to pay dental expenses when you are covered by more than one plan. The objective of coordination of benefits is to make sure the combined payments of the plans are no more than your actual bills.
When you or your family members are covered by more than one plan, Delta Dental follows coordination of benefits rules established by Michigan law to decide which plan is primary and pays first, which plan is secondary and how much the secondary plan must pay. You must submit your bills to the primary plan first. The primary plan must pay its full benefits as if you had no other coverage. If the primary plan denies your claim or does not pay the full bill, you may then submit the remainder of the bill to the secondary plan.
Delta Dental pays benefits for eligible care only when you follow its rules and procedures. If these rules conflict with those of another plan, it may be impossible to receive benefits from both plans, and you will be forced to choose which plan to use.