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When coverage begins

For you
If you enroll when you are first eligible, your coverage under the Stryker Corporation Welfare Benefits Plan begins immediately as of your date of hire or as of the date you become eligible for benefits. See "Eligibility" for further details.
For your dependents
If you are covered, new dependents will be covered as of the event date if you enroll them within 30 days after they first become eligible, or within 120 days as described in "Eligibility" and "Making changes."
For re-hired employees and their dependents
If you have a break in service (for example, due to termination of employment or the taking of a non-FMLA leave) during which you are not credited with any hours of service for at least 13 weeks, you will be treated as a new hire upon resumption of service. If the break in service is less than 13 weeks and you were enrolled in medical, dental and/or vision plan coverage and return during the same stability period or plan year, the coverage will be offered as soon as administratively practicable upon resumption of service. Further, you will be treated as a continuing employee upon resumption of service for purposes of any applicable measurement period.