Safety and efficiency

Safety and efficiency are amongst one of the most important topics in todays healthcare enviroment in the Netherlands. The safety of the patient, both inside and outside the OR, has the highest priority. Additionally, it is paramount to provide a safe working environment for all medical specialists and OR staff who are present in the OR over the course of many hours.

Our high demand for healthcare combined with a shortage of well-trained personnel can have a profound impact on your capacity. To meet these challenges, it is important to have a good look at the efficiency of your processes.


How does Stryker help improve safety and efficiency?

We understand the challenges you face. That's why we've created Hospital Solutions to help increase safety and efficiencies.

Our Hospital Solutions, paired with our high-quality products and services, offer you a customized and unique experience that will improve quality of care for you and your patients.

Mission of Stryker

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and, together with its customers, is driven to make healthcare better. The company offers innovative products and services in Medical and Surgical, Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine that help improve patient and healthcare outcomes. Alongside its customers around the world, Stryker impacts more than 130 million patients annually.

Together with our customers, 
we are driven 
to make healthcare better.

The solutions - Safety and efficiency

Neptune 3 and SafeAir

Protection in the OR
The solution for safe disposal of surgical waste fluids and smoke in the OR. Reduces CO²  emissions and plastic waste.

Neptune 3 and SafeAir

OR | Safety | Efficiency

T7 Personal Protection Equipment

Protect yourself, protect your team
T7 hoods and togas help protect against contamination, infectious bodily fluids, microorganisms and particulate matter.

T7 Personal Protection Equipment

OR | Safety


Reduce airborne infections
All-inclusive insufflator. Smart inflow/outflow management with heated, humidified, and smoke evacuation all-in-one tubeset. Complies with ULPA standard.1


OR | Safety

Prime Series

Mobile. Ergonomic. Configurable.
Prime Series stretchers designed to help reduce physical strain on clinicians, enhance patient comfort and help drive hospital efficiency.

Prime Series Models: 1105, 1115 & 1125

ER & IC | Efficiency

iSuite Integrated OR Solutions

Oral hygiene systems for ventilated patients
Our oral care kits are designed to help promote oral health and address the risk factors associated with ventilator associated pneumonia.

Oral Care 

ER & IC | Efficiency

Oral Care

Less injuries in the OR
Customized, efficient and seamlessly integrated operating room. Can lead to 93% reduced incidence of staff injury by reducing foot traffic and preventing falls and strains.2

iSuite Integrated OR Solutions

OR | Safety | Efficiency


Make high performance easier
LIFEPAK®15  monitor/defibrillator. Easy to use and supports efficient workflows through connectivity, so care teams can focus on their patients during challenging situations. 


ER & IC | Efficiency


OR remote assistance
IRIS Instant Remote Interactive Support provides two way communication between wearer of the smart glass and remote viewer. Optimal use of expertise in and outside the OR.


OR | Safety | Efficiency


Reduce event stress
The LUCAS® 3, v3.1 chest compression system provides an extra pair of hands allowing caregivers to maintain distance and focus on treating the underlying cause during a resuscitation.

LUCAS 3, v3.1 

ER & IC | Safety | Efficiency

1. As described in DHFD15109
2. Based on a study of 106 OR personnel (surgeons, OR managers and circulating nurses) in US hospitals that have Stryker integrated operating rooms. Improving OR Efficiency and Economics with Stryker iSuite lntegration.” (pp. 3-14, White Paper). Frost and Sullivan. 2015.

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Solutions for where your hospital is today,
and could be tomorrow.

Stryker's products are designed to be powerful solutions increasing safety and efficiency on different levels. They reach their full potential in combination with the following support; resulting in significantly more positive outcomes.

Surgical scissors white

Product training.

Focused on the fundamentals of various surgical procedures.

Medical doctor white

Training support 
medical staff.

Designed for a variety of healthcare providers.

Clone white

Simulations and mock training.

A safe environment to learn interventions needed during a real code situation.

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Our Green Team is driven to implement sustainable, efficient and environmental friendly practices into the lives of our customers and our business. 

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