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Welcome to Stryker's Total Hospital Solutions

Welcome to our Total Hospital Solutions homepage, where Stryker has the ambition to unburden its customers in supporting their daily activities and contemporary challenges.

We strive to not only provide excellent products but also to ensure that challenges are solved sustainably. We do this by providing a clear overview of which products complement each other whilst being fully supported and facilitated within the clinical departments.

The following pages will provide insights into how our product portfolio is combined to support you in the fields of safety and efficiency, sustainability, orthopaedics and the complete OR.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency



Orthopaedic Solutions


Complete OR

Complete OR

Solutions for where your hospital is today, and could be tomorrow.

Stryker's products are designed to be powerful solutions. They reach their full potential in combination with the following support;



Implementation coordination 
We will bring your vision to life with coordinated implementation services to keep you on track.

Graduation Hat

Educating your team 
You specialize in your patients, we specialize in you. Whether your staff is just getting started or looking for a refresh, we have educational programs designed to help meet your needs.



Our Sustainability Team is driven to implement sustainable, efficient and environmental friendly practices into the lives of you and our business
Because you want the best outcomes for your patients, we uncover solutions to help you achieve these—and get you what you need, right when you need it most.


Testimonial Slide 1
Testimonial Slide 1

Marc Verheyen
CEO FlexClinics

‘’FlexClinics has a strong focus on quality; therefore, we believe it's important to integrate innovation and greater precision into our operational process. Stryker's solutions have allowed us to significantly increase the added value of these aspects.’’

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