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Our global efforts

We are working to improve healthcare responsibly and sustainably because we believe the health of the world is as important as the people who live in it.

Our sustainability efforts are reflected in our Corporate Responsibility strategy: to positively impact people and our planet through responsible, sustainable practices that create a better, healthier world. To help us in meeting our sustainability objectives, we undertook several critical steps on a global level.

Realize 20% reduction in carbon emissions for all Stryker facilities 2019-2024* 

Become Carbon neutral for all Stryker facilities by 2030 

To support our 2030 carbon neutral goal, we are focusing on energy efficiency projects throughout the organization and purchasing renewable power sources 

Guided by our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, we are in the process of certifying key facilities to the ISO 14001 standard 

By the end of 2027, Stryker will engage suppliers on ESG performance assessments with the goal of covering 85% of our direct spend

Our future

We are driven to make a difference in the world and, together with our customers, are making healthcare better. Alongside our customers around the world, we impact more than 130 million patients annually*. We will continue to serve customers and drive innovation while supporting responsible, sustainable growth.
* This figure is based on capital, implant and disposable products across the patient episode of care

Our corporate responsibility objective is to positively impact people and our planet through responsible, sustainable practices that create a better, healthier world.


Sustainability related projects and processes

Medical Supplies

Recycling of packaging materials

Stryker's Netherlands facility has begun a pilot to recycle the product packaging materials which arrive daily at the hospital in the OR. The pilot consists of collecting all plastics from the OR, looking into possibilities to create new raw materials and re-use these plastics for instance as connection parts in instrument trays.*
*Performed by Van Straaten Medical & Greencycle.


Smart packaging

Stryker is engaged in optimizing our ordering and packaging process. In collaboration with customers the aim is to minimize the number of cartons used for shipments by consolidating orders by smart order management.


Life cycle analysis

“An LCA is a method for assessing the impacts of a product or service on the environment. The entire life cycle is looked at, from the extraction of raw materials through production and distribution to waste management. An LCA is undergoing for the Neptune.”*
*Performed by Van Straaten Medical and Greencycle.


Digital signing

By introducing a new electronic signature tool, Stryker has realized a significant reduction in its paper consumption and therefore help to preserve trees, reduce the use of water and lower CO2 emmissions.

Our distribution center in Venlo
Stryker's Venlo central distribution center is ISO14001:2015 certified and are executing improvement plans with the following tangible results;

Distribution Center
  • 154 solar panels on the rooftop, reducing on average 19.254 kilograms of CO2 emissions yearly. In total: 96.268 Kg CO2
  • Converted lighting to all LED lighting for both the warehouse and the office spaces, saving 136Ton CO2 emissions yearly
  • Natural Gas-fired installations are removed from the CDC, making it completely natural gas-free packaging
  • 6 charging stations for electric cars
  • A 100% recycled waste stream
  • To supplement the solar energy that is already generated onsite, Venlo CDC has secured another certified renewable energy contract that will save an additional 1,200 tons CO2 emissions per year through the utilization of 100 percent EU wind sources
  • As a supporter of the natural habitat, Venlo CDC has a butterfly garden, installed bat boxes and breeding boxes for birds on the premises

Sustainability related products

Reduce carbon emissions and plastic with Neptune

The Neptune system offers a solution for surgical fluid waste management, replacing traditional single use suction liners and waste containers with a constantly closed system. With an integrated smoke evacuator, it is a complete answer to surgical waste management needs.

Using Neptune can also contribute to improve working conditions while saving of fuel and transportation costs related to the incineration process that is not happening since the Neptune system has the ability to flush fluids into the sewage system through the docking station.

  • Reduction in plastic waste/resource consumption.
  • 87% time savings shown when using Neptune in comparison to fluid collection in suction canisters. ¹

“I have real concerns about the evolution of the climate on the planet. By using Skill Assist, I reduce my carbon footprint through virtual proctoring. For me, this is really essential“.
PR. Christophe Cognard

Skill Assist

Skill Assist™
Supported by Careprod technologies

Remote proctoring.
Made carbon-free

Skill Assist lifts all the barriers of remote medical education, enabling training and collaboration between physicians during a procedure – when they want, how they want, from anywhere in the world. 

It’s all part of our effort to leave the world better than we found it. At Stryker, we’re connecting physicians from around the world—in a way that protects the earth. With Skill Assist Remote Medical Education, we help physicians reduce their need for travel, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

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References Neptune: 1. Rita Patel, MBA. “Findings of a Comparative Analysis of Operating Room Fluid Waste Removal at Hospital for Special Surgery. A Randomized Study Comparing the Stryker Neptune Waste Management System to Suction Canisters.” 200315

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