Personal Protection Equipment


T7 offers protection so quiet - you’ll ask, “Is it on yet?”


It’s on. Meet Stryker’s quietest, lightest and most comfortable PPE System. Focus on your patient, with our most comfortable PPE system yet.

Communicate with ease

40% quieter fan lets you communicate with ease in the operating theatre*

*compared to our previous generation

Stay Comfortable, Stay Protected

New hoods and togas with high protection fabric in front, cooler fabric in back, and redesigned helmet air flow.

Choose a tailored fit

The new dual adjustment knob lets you precisely control helmet height and width. 

Keep your vision clear

Reduce glare with our new anti-reflective lens, or peel away splashes with our 3-layer lens.




Meet T7


Stay cool and comfortable in the OR with our latest generation of personal protection


  • Designed to meet AAMI level 4 protection
  • Full coverage of head and neck area against liquid splash
  • Quiet* and lightweight helmet**
  • Antireflective and Peel-away lenses for a clear vision
  • Wide range of breathable hoods and togas for a tailored fit


*54.05 dB average lighted helmet with the highest fan speed

**0,45 KG, 0,52 KG with LED

A mask is not enough.4

A standard surgical mask can not protect you against all bodily fluids and blood splashes.

203 Orthopaedic surgeons get splashed with an average of 203 blood or fat spots during hip and knee arthroplasty.2

50% A standard surgical mask does not fully cover your face and may have up to 50% filter leakage.2

30% A clinical study has shown the surgeons’ conjunctiva gets contaminated in 30% of cases, despite wearing mask and visors.3

Are the risks you take at work coming home with you?


How many of your patients unknowingly carry an infectious disease? 

Hepatitis – B can survive in dried blood for at least a week* and its transmission – similar to HIV and Hepatitus C – can occur through blood and airborne particles.1

*At room temperature, on environmental surfaces

A contamination might not end with you. Protect yourself. 

Did you know staff are the main source of bacteria in the OR?1


An individual can release 10,000 particles per minute through skin shedding.2


Show your team that safety is your priority.


Every orthopaedic operation exposes you and your team ​to the risk of contamination. It can take only one drop to get contaminated.3

One procedure can potentially change a life for good.

14% of all revision surgeries are associated with surgical site infections (SSI).1


Did you know staff are the main source of bacteria in the OR?2

An individual can release 10,000 particles per minute through skin shedding.3


Designed to protect



AAMI level 4 protection

Safeguard yourself from contamination, infectious bodily fluids, microorganisms and particulate matter.



Stay comfortable

BVB fabric (breathable viral barrier) is a soft, lightweight material that helps keep you dry and protected



Keep your vision clear

Peel-away technology lets you remove sterile lenses with ease, to help prevent an obstructed vision


meets comfort 


A great fit

•Multiple helmet adjustment options

•New EVA comfort foam


A cool improvement

  • 8 gentle airflow ports
  • A new range of hoods and togas with highest protection fabric in the front and cooler fabric in the back





A clear choice

  • Clear communication with your team with a 40% quieter fan*
  • Clear vision with a new anti-reflective lens, 3-layer Peel-Away lens option and LED light 


*Compared to our previous generation


”The type of surgery we do will always involve splashes and stains, but we can reduce the risk we face in each surgery, in each patient"

- Dr Revenga - Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon- 




Learn why more surgeons are choosing our PPE 



Protect your team


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