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Healthcare benefits
If you live or work in California, Stryker offers two medical carrier options for most ZIP codes. UnitedHealthcare (UHC), as described earlier in this Stryker benefits summary, and the Kaiser Permanente HMO option. If you select Kaiser, your prescription drug benefits are provided through Kaiser Permanente. Direct Temporary employees, interns and co-ops will only be eligible for the Kaiser Permanent HMO option in California if they are not eligible for the UHC plans based on their zip code.
If you are in an area where no satisfactory network is available, you will be offered the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Out-of-Area plan.
This section of the Stryker benefits summary, together with other sections of the Stryker benefits summary that pertain to the Stryker Corporation Welfare Benefits Plan and the Evidence of Coverage issued by Kaiser Permanente, constitute the Summary Plan Description for the Kaiser Permanente HMO option.
The information contained in this section is intended to supplement the information contained elsewhere in the Stryker benefits summary. Except for the provisions described in this section, the description of the terms and conditions regarding medical coverage set out in other sections of the Stryker benefits summary will apply.
For more information
If you have questions or want additional information, refer to the Kaiser documents for your location as shown here: