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Cary, Illinois

The Stryker Corporation Welfare Benefits Plan provides a Health Center located in Cary, Illinois for Stryker Corporation employees formerly employed by Sage, Inc. The Health Center, operated by IU Health, is open to all Stryker Corporation employees and their eligible dependents located at or near Cary, Illinois.
The Health Center is a convenient place for you to receive preventive and sick (acute) care as well as health coaching and condition management services. There are several benefits for using the Health Center:
  • Time: Little or no waiting - most appointments are complete in about 20 minutes, unless your appointment is for a Comprehensive Health Review.
  • Cost savings:
    • For PPO participants: If you are not making or receiving contributions to an HSA, there is no cost to use the Health Center services. The only time you may have to pay for something is if the Health Center writes you a prescription that is not fillable by the Center and you have to take it to a pharmacy to have it filled.
    • For HSA participants: If you are making or receiving contributions to your HSA, only preventive services are provided free of charge. The Health Center must charge fair market value for all other services and prescriptions; please see the Center's staff for additional information.
    • For uninsured Employees: If you are not insured or are insured through another employer's health plan, the cost to use the Health Center services is $20 per visit.
  • Convenience: Fast access to care for diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury.
  • Efficiency: No need to drive long distances for an appointment or common lab tests and prescriptions.
For details about the Health Center, please refer to the summary plan description (SPD) available at: