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Covered expenses for all UHC Plans
Generic drugs
One way that UnitedHealthcare manages costs for both you and Stryker is to use generic drugs when available. Only FDA "A" rated generic equivalent drugs are dispensed through both the network and home delivery pharmacies. "A" rated generics are subject to the same FDA regulations as brand-name drugs and considered to be equal in therapeutic effectiveness and safety when taken as prescribed. The main difference between generic and brand-name drugs is price; generics generally cost substantially less.
Your Right to Request an Exception for Contraceptives
In accordance with PPACA requirements, an exception process may apply to certain Prescription Drug Products prescribed for contraception if your Physician determines that a Prescription Drug Product alternative to a PPACA Zero Cost Share Preventive Care Medication is medically necessary for you.
An expedited medication exception request may be available if the time needed to complete a standard exception request could significantly increase the risk to your health or ability to regain maximum function.
If a request for an exception is approved by UnitedHealthcare, Benefits provided for the Prescription Drug Product will be treated the same as a PPACA Zero Cost Share Preventive Care Medication.
For more information please visit under the following path: Resources_Drug Lists and Pharmacy>Additional Resources>Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act $0 Cost-Share Preventive Medications Exemption Requests (Commercial Members).