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Expert medical opinion
Whether you need help finding the best physician in your area, information about a new diagnosis or treatment or support deciding if surgery is right for you, Included Health will give you expert medical advice, including second opinions from top doctors, for your individual medical needs. Included Health provides you and your family members with expert medical advice and support to help ensure that you receive the best care possible — at no cost to you. Use Included Health any time, but especially when:
  • You need a checkup and don't have a regular doctor. Included Health finds the best physician in your area.
  • You need an expert. Included Health can provide you with information about a new diagnosis, help you make tough decisions, or get a second opinion from world-leading expert.
This service is available to all employees and their dependents enrolled in any of Stryker's U.S.-based medical plans. To access this benefit call 1-855-431-5551 or activate your account at or by downloading the Included Health app on your mobile device.