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Second surgical opinions
If your doctor recommends surgery that is covered under the Plan, you may want to get a second opinion. This is voluntary and will not affect your benefits. A second surgical opinion may include an exam, X-ray and lab work and a written report by the doctor. It must be performed by a doctor who is not associated or in practice with the physician who recommended the surgery, and who is certified by the American Board of Surgery or other specialty board.
If you are enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Choice or Value PPO plans and choose to get a second opinion from an in-network provider, you pay a $25 (or $40 for a specialist) office visit copayment and the Plan pays the balance. If you receive X-rays and/or lab work, you will also pay 20% of the eligible expense for those services after you have met your deductible. If you use an out-of-network provider for a second opinion, you pay 40% of the eligible expense, including any X-rays or lab work you receive. The annual deductible applies to second surgical expense consultations provided by out-of-network physicians.
If you are enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare HSA or Out-of-Area plans, you pay the applicable coinsurance for the eligible expense after you have met your deductible for a second surgical opinion consultation, including X-rays and lab work.