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UHC Health Advantage Program
The UHC Health Advantage Program is dedicated to prevention, education, and ensuring that you receive age/condition-appropriate care from the highest quality and most cost-effective providers. A Personal Care Nurse will be notified when you or your physician calls the toll-free number on your ID card to notify UnitedHealthcare of an upcoming treatment or service.
If you are living with a chronic condition or dealing with complex health care needs, UnitedHealthcare may assign a Personal Care Nurse to help you navigate the healthcare system and get the most appropriate care for your condition. This assigned nurse will identify your needs, answer questions, explain options, and may refer you to specialized care programs. The Personal Care Nurse will provide you with his or her telephone number so that you may call them with questions about your condition, to set goals, or to discuss your overall health and wellbeing.
In addition to the Personal Care Nurse, the UHC Health Advantage Program team includes social workers and dieticians who will provide support and education to you or your covered family members. They will also ensure that you make the best use of your healthcare resources. Whether you have an upcoming hospital stay, a new diagnosis, or are having trouble managing a condition or benefit, this team is available to help guide you to make the best-informed decision.
Personal Care Nurses are specially trained to help you find your way around a complex healthcare system by:
  • Answering questions about your diagnosis or treatment plan;
  • Explaining the Plan benefits;
  • Educating you about the available treatment options for specific conditions and helping you make informed decisions about your health care. The program includes access to relevant healthcare information, nurse coaching, and information on high quality providers and programs available to you;
  • Providing support following an emergency room visit to ensure necessary follow-up care is received and to help avoid subsequent emergency room visits;
  • Counseling you before a hospitalization or surgery to help you prepare for the hospitalization, plan for any follow-up care needs, and ensure you have the information and support you need for a successful recovery;
  • Serving as a bridge between the hospital and home after an inpatient hospital stay. The Personal Care Nurse is there to help you confirm medications, assist with the acquisition of necessary medical equipment, and ensure that follow-up services are scheduled for a safe transition to home care;
  • Helping with the coordination of specialists, hospitals, and pharmacies as well as any in-home care and/or equipment you may require;
  • Helping you understand and access disease prevention and condition management tools, wellness information, and other resources;
  • Providing specialized support for those with complex maternity needs and those who are being treated for cancer;
  • Coaching, motivating, and empowering you to improve your health status;
  • Ensuring that you get the right level of care and support when you need it;
  • Providing counseling and support for behavioral health needs; and
  • Helping you play an active role in your own care.
While the UHC Health Advantage Program will help you navigate the healthcare system, your primary care physician and other medical professionals will remain responsible for your medical care.