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Highlighted Stryker products are hard at work in the operating room.

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Model of Efficiency

Hospital executives have so many worries to keep them up at night. Downtime in the operating room shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why Stryker’s ProCare Plus preventative maintenance program gets such high praise—for making sure that hospital operating rooms have minimal downtime and run efficiently and effectively. ProCare helps hospitals stay up and running, cut costs and improve patient outcomes and safety. Hospital staff persons’ admiration for Stryker starts with the seamless year-round process. We proactively maintain equipment at regular intervals to ensure that it stays in top working condition. We even provide loaners so clinicians aren’t left without vital equipment. Best of all, by keeping surgical delays to a minimum, patients receive better outcomes. When failure is not an option, we are there to provide best-in-class service to hospitals.