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Dr. Milind Patil of the Revival Hospital holds a model of the Scorpio ClassiQ Knee System.

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Making Mobility More Accessible

In just over 15 years, the Scorpio Knee System has been implanted in more than one million patients worldwide. Now, by launching the Scorpio ClassiQ Knee System in India, Stryker is making affordable, high-quality knee replacement available to more patients in emerging markets around the world. While current Indian implants cater to a relatively small portion of senior citizens, Scorpio ClassiQ will cater to a broader segment of the population. Dr. Milind Patil of the Revival Hospital, who conducted the first Scorpio surgery in Thane, India, lauds the product’s ability to reach more emerging markets patients without compromising quality or care. Over the next two years, the Scorpio ClassiQ Knee System will be introduced in countries throughout Latin America and Asia.

Dr. Milind Patil: “With Scorpio ClassiQ, we can now provide patients with a great implant, and they can have their total replacement at a low cost without any compromise in quality.”