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Janie Shepherd with her neurosurgeon, Dr. Amr El-Naggar.

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Innovation Breathes New Life

Parkinson’s disease had stolen away Janie Shepherd’s quality of life. This degenerative disorder of the central nervous system had advanced to the point where many of the joys, and even simple daily tasks, were impossible. She couldn’t hold her grandchild. Couldn’t cook. Couldn’t eat or brush her teeth without a helping hand. That’s when Janie’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Amr El-Naggar, began to employ deep brain stimulation, a promising treatment for Parkinson’s. Its effectiveness relies on pinpointing the precise location for stimulation. To ensure superior accuracy, Dr. El-Naggar relies on Stryker’s Navigation System. He feels strongly that the precision and flexibility of this navigational software makes a definitive difference in his patients’ outcomes. The impact on Janie’s life has been dramatic. Today, her debilitating tremors are long gone.